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The CL-305 “Click” remote control system can be used for the control of an original central locking control unit, the remote control of powered windows, the servomotor of a fifth door, boot, etc. The remote control can also be used for directly controlling servomechanisms. It is suitable for cars with 12V and negative grounding. The main unit is designed for installation in the car interior. It is protected against reverse polarity and incorrect connector insertion. It is compatible with RC-40 remote controls. Communication is secured by floating codes. Up to four remote controls can be enrolled to the receiver.

The CL-305 Click remote control has selectable functions such as re-arming, selectable pulse lengths, and double pulses. The device can also be used as a simple security system to prevent intruders.


The receiver unit is controlled by a remote RF controller. Communication is protected by a special "FLOATING" digital code that is changed after each transmission. Additional protection is offered by an ANTI-SCAN feature. This type of system provides a much higher safety level than other systems using only a fixed code. An optional re-lock function checks if the car was entered within 1 minute after unlocking. If not, it will automatically lock again. This prevents the car from being accidentally unlocked and left unprotected. Protection of accidental locking while driving is also an optional function of this device.

There are two remote controllers in each CL-305SL set. The device can be operated by a maximum of three remote controls. A new remote controller can be added to the CL-305SL when necessary (in learning mode of the receiver unit). The CL-305SL is preset by the manufacturer to interface with an electromechanical central locking system which requests negative control signals. However, optional signal settings can be easily set.

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